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Household appliances

Household Appliances
To our product pages

To our product pages

Reliable and long-lasting, and comfort and benefit for the costumer are Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH focus and this allowed it to become one of the leading producers of domestic appliances. And this leading position it´s only possible with the continuous investment in developing a wide range of products based on innovative technology that transports even more value to the costumer.

The quest for quality reflects, not only in proven functionality and in its powerful technology but also, in product design, that has been repeatedly recognized and awarded.

Sustainability and efficiency are two other concepts underlined to products development process that respect nature, are energetically and resource efficient, both in their usage and production.


Satisfying the highest standards of performance and offer the maximum Comfort to the user it´s part of Bosch products philosophy, that is characterized by premium quality and implemented with the used materials and finishes.

Tecnhical expertise

Bosch´s experience and innovative spirit guarantee that extraordinary technical developments are achievable and the possibility to combine revolutionary with current technologies. This way, Bosch offers perfected and integrated solutions, oriented to people’s needs and benefit, aiming to improve their quality of life.

Quality of life

Transforming everyday life and domestic tasks into simpler and more enjoyable processes is a constant concern associated to the need of making costumers life better.


Bosch declares itself as a reliable partner that acts under well-defined principles, assuming its responsibility for the human, social and environmental capital, which considers to be an extra motivation for the continuous development of products and services.