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Car Multimedia

Car Multimedia
To our product pages

To our product pages

Bosch Car Multimedia develops smart integration solutions for entertainment, navigation, telematics and driver assistance functions used in the original equipment business. The needs of the driver are always at the focus of all research and development activities to create technologies that enhance safety and driving convenience and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

Information, communication and entertainment in the vehicle environment play an integral role in automotive development. How the vehicle and driver interact with one another and by what means are decisive factors. We develop cutting-edge features tailored to modern mobility requirements, providing optimum driving convenience, safety, and access to entertainment and information via smart networked architectures. Solutions from Bosch are specifically designed to reduce driver distraction through their implementation of user-centric interface concepts.

One of Car Multimedia’s core competencies is producing connectivity control units (CCU) for passenger cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles. CCUs connect vehicles to the internet, enabling such safety features as eCall in the event of an accident and bCall in case of a breakdown.

In the near future, vehicles will also be connected to the cloud. Connected Horizon, a Car Multimedia solution, will aggregate data from all connected vehicles to provide enhanced navigation with real-time traffic and weather data as well as anticipatory powertrain control to reduce energy consumption.

The Car Multimedia experts at Bosch are also committed to simplifying smartphone integration in cars with solutions like mySPIN. This technology allows users to operate their favorite apps on their Apple or Android smartphones using the accustomed commands and without compromising driving safety. Users control the apps via the vehicle’s display.

Product range

  • Driver information systems
      • Navigation
      • Infotainment
      • Smartphone integration
      • Software services and smartphone apps
      • Eco.Logic Coasting
  • Display solutions
      • Head-up displays
      • Freely programmable instrument clusters
      • DualView displays
  • Solutions for commercial vehicles
      • Coach entertainment
      • Truck entertainment
      • Truck telematics