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Bosch Portugal
Corporate Communication
Av. Infante D. Henrique, Lote 2E-3E
1800-220 Lisboa
Phone: +351 218 500 117


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2018-04-13 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch and e.GO bring stress-free parking to Aachen

Stuttgart and Aachen, Germany – This is what stress-free parking will look like in the future: pull up, step out of ... more

2018-04-09 | Portugal | Corporate News


2018-03-29 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch is turning the car into a lifesaver

Beginning March 31, connected vehicles with eCall will automatically call for help in an accident  Thanks to the ... more

2018-03-07 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch analysis: driver assistance systems continue their strong advance

Parking assistance and emergency braking systems are at the top of the popularity scale  Parking assistance systems ... more

2018-03-05 | Portugal | Corporate News

AutoCrew reforce it presence in Portugal

The AutoCrew network, a brand of Bosch mechanical workshop, expanded its presence on national soil and recorded a positive ... more

2018-02-16 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch invest on the innovation of the ‘Comfort & Electronic’ porefólio for the automotive industry


2018-02-14 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch Security Systems Turns Into Bosch Building Technologies

 Name change effectively on March 1, 2018  New name reflects broader portfolio  Names of legal entities ... more

2018-02-01 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch significantly increases sales and earnings

A successful business year in 2017  ales increase to some 78 billion euros  Result from operations climbs ... more

2018-01-24 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch, Vodafone, and Huawei enable smart cars to communicate with each other

 Successful tests: Cellular-V2X improves driver assistance systems that no longer just alert drivers, but actively ... more

2018-01-11 | Portugal | Corporate News

Car, we have to talk! Bosch puts the voice assistant behind the wheel

“Bosch is putting an end to the button chaos in the cockpit. We turn the voice assistant into a passenger,” ... more

2018-01-11 | Portugal | Corporate News

CES 2018: Bosch sees future in smart-city business

Smart solutions for better air quality, and for more security and convenience Stefan Hartung: “For a long time, the ... more

2018-01-11 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch unclutters vehicle cockpit

How digital displays and voice-controlled assistants are revolutionizing driving Rediscovering the driving experience with ... more

2017-11-22 | Portugal | Product News

Escovas limpas para-brisas Bosch ajudam a melhorar a segurança ativa do carro

Os limpa para-brisas da Bosch são um componente muito importante na segurança ativa do carro, proporcionando ... more

2017-11-02 | Portugal | Product News


2017-10-27 | Portugal | Corporate News

Bosch recognized with “EFQM European Excellence Award”

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal awarded in the “Harnessing Creativity & Innovation” category Bosch is the ... more